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Researchers hunt for the answers to road rage From January through April this year, law enforcement agencies reported 107 road rage crashes in Harris County to the Texas Department of Transportation. Road rage at this point is synonymous with Houston traffic. Dangerous cases happening all the time, drivers not keeping their emotions in check and then taking their frustration out on the road. So, researchers at the University of Houston along with Texas A&M Transportation Institute went on the hunt for the answer to why people get road rage in the first place. Researchers at the University of Houston’s Computational Physiology Lab say you may be experiencing what they call “accelerousal.” Next time you feel that surge of uncontrollable anger while driving, take inventory of your emotions prior to getting behind the wheel. Experts say these emotions play a vital role in your reactions while on the road. According to Dr. Ioannis Pavlidis, people losing their minds while driving is not anything new. He along with other researchers put their minds together to figure out why this happens. They used thermal imaging and hooked up drivers with an apple watch-like gadget that could pick up activity from sweat glands when driving to study stress levels, targeting the drivers’ paranasal perspiration, which kicks in like a facial fight or flight reaction. What they found: a phenomenon called “accelerousal,” which is stress provoked by acceleration events, even small ones like driving. Arousal is a psychological term that describes stress. When these small stressful events add up, if you’re already in a negative space from work or personal life events, or are genetically prone to stress or anxiety-- chances are you’re going to explode when something goes wrong on the road. This is what you can do before getting behind the wheel Take a deep full breath as you’re walking to your car before you start driving. Take inventory of your feelings. Are you angry?

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The Covid-19 vaccine roll-out will drop slightly next week. Photo: Stock image However, next week it will revert back to around 280,000 vaccines. Pfizer brought forward some of its promised deliveries in quarter three to quarter two, which allowed for the accelerated roll-out in recent weeks. Around 11,000 people aged over 50 who had not opted in as part of the earlier vaccination offer have since been vaccinated by pharmacists who have supplies of the one-shot Johnson & Johnson jab. So far, two million adults are fully vaccinated and 70pc partially vaccinated. It now appears the Delta variant will peak next month, but the vaccination roll-out will not be able to outpace it. Mr Reid said: “We need to be honest with people. Over the next few weeks there is an exposure. “There is no doubt we are actually in a very real race to get the vaccines out ahead of the potential increase in the spread of Delta. Get ahead of the day with the morning headlines at 7.30am and Fionnán Sheahan's exclusive take on the day's news every afternoon, with our free daily newsletter. “We are closing the gap every day with more and more vaccines being administered.” Asked about promised supplies of around one million doses of Pfizer vaccine from Romania, he said the arrangements were with the Department of Health and authorities in Romania. Meanwhile, Damien McCallion, who oversees vaccinations, said fewer than 100,000 of 60 to 69year-olds are still waiting for a second AstraZeneca vaccine. He said 75pc have appointments and the rest will be scheduled over the week. Figures from the HSE yesterday showed 63pc of people aged 60 to 69 were fully vaccinated. This compared with 82pc of those aged 50 to 59 who were given the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines. Forty-two per cent of people in their 40s are fully vaccinated. All people in their 60s will have a second AstraZeneca vaccine by Sunday week, the HSE said. “Some vaccine centres are quicker than others, Mr McCallion said. “Some people will be given vaccines at other centres if there’s a long list of people ahead of them in their nearest centre.” The portal for registration opened for people aged 30 to 34 earlier this week.