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“This rises to a level that, I don’t care who the governor is, I need to alert him,“ said Jergeson, who was a Democratic PSC chairman who was appointed chairman by the commission's Republican majority. “He (Gianforte) campaigned as a businessman who knows how to make sure agencies are operating right. I am sure he doesn’t think this is the way a business ought to operate.” The PSC is an elected, five-member, quasi-judicial regulator of monopoly utilities. The all-Republican commission sets the electricity rates for more than 400,000 utility customers in Montana. In cases where customers are captive, meaning they must rely on one business for services like electricity, garbage or water, the commission is supposed to balance customers' right to a reasonable price and reliable service with a utility's right to a rate of return. The job pays $109,000 a year. Jergeson wrote Gianforte on Tuesday. He also contacted Montana Attorney General Austin Knudsen and suggested the state’s lead prosecutor review the audit for any criminal behavior that could be turned over to a county attorney for prosecution. The former PSC chairman, Jergeson, also served 24 years in the Montana Senate and was a member of the bipartisan Legislative Audit Committee, which will be hearing the audit during its next meeting June 7 and 8. Spokesmen for Gianforte and Knudsen acknowledged receiving Jergeson’s letter. The governor’s staff said it couldn’t comment on the audit at this time. Knudsen's staff is following the audit's review by the Legislative Audit Committee.  "We are aware of the audit and will take note of the Legislative Audit Committee’s proceedings," said Emilee Cantrell, Knudsen press secretary. Legislative auditors cited falsified records and last spending practices at the Montana PSC. They said there wasn’t enough credible information available to assess the department’s finances. Auditors did conclude that the PSC’s books were off as much as $100,000 both because PSC debts went unpaid and revenue owed to the commission by businesses it regulated had gone uncollected. Auditors also concluded the commissioners’ travel expenses were out of control.

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