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At Ernst & Young LLP (EY US), we saw our audit teams tap into the power of data to analyze business processes and test the effectiveness of internal controls with greater clarity than ever before, identifying risks in real time. They allowed us to maintain high standards for audit performance and quality even at a moment of great disruption — confirming the reliability of financial reporting and helping to keep the capital markets transparent for all stakeholders. As we look ahead, we are taking the lessons of 2020 to drive continuing improvement in audit quality, while creating a better experience for our clients and teams. Lesson 1: The right technology can streamline project management and enable consistent execution in a virtual environment. The challenges of the first remote close were not just about executing audits virtually. They were also about adjusting to a drastically altered business landscape. Nonetheless, in our audits of 2020 financial statements, we were able to accelerate the pace of work and complete more tasks before year-end and the start of busy season. The efficiencies created by our online audit platform — EY Canvas — were crucial here. With EY Canvas, audit professionals at EY member firms around the world are trained to work with the same technology and to use it consistently. Because of that training, our people moved smoothly to operating remotely. The platform also enables our auditors to communicate a centralized plan for the audit and to monitor progress in real time, so important milestones have been reliably met despite the pandemic. Our technologies also improved the audit experience for our clients. Some of our clients were understandably concerned about how audit teams working from home were going to safeguard sensitive financial information. They found reassurance in our EY Canvas Client Portal, which allows companies to upload files securely so that they can be accessed by the audit team. The client portal also eliminated repeat requests from audit team members and duplicate work for them, so they were able to focus on the issues that mattered. The technologies at our disposal — and our ability to use them well — allowed us to deliver consistently excellent service to our audit clients, even as the world around us changed overnight. Lesson 2: Analytics helps audit teams — and audit clients — focus on key issues raised by the pandemic. With EY Helix , our EY global organization has created a powerful suite of data analytics. When the pandemic hit last year, the overwhelming majority of our public company audit teams had already used the EY Helix general ledger analyzer and had fine-tuned the process for remote data capture and extraction.

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Red Dog Technologies’ Bitcoin mine is adjacent to a BrightRidge power substation in rural Limestone, Tennessee. “We would like to know the plan, the timeline, and regular … biweekly updates to show the progress so that we know it’s not just being shuffled aside,” Funderburk said. Commissioners have wanted answers as well. They approved a BrightRidge rezoning request in February 2020 that paved the way for the project. BrightRidge offered Bitcoin mine operator $100,000 incentive, said noise wouldn’t be issue Monday night, with BrightRidge on the agenda to discuss the issue, neighbors and commissioners began to get answers straight from the horse’s mouth. After brief remarks, BrightRidge CEO Jeff Dykes introduced Todd Napier of Red Dog. The company’s “mine” is a collection of metal buildings housing high-powered computer graphics cards that solve complex mathematical equations. It’s all part of the lucrative world of “blockchain technology,” a basis for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. And that computer equipment runs hot, necessitating the fans that are the source of the noise. Red Dog’s discover this contract with BrightRidge — it became the power distributor’s largest customer nearly overnight — calls for most of its usage to occur during “off peak” hours when it can get the cheapest electricity. Speaking after the comment period, but facing a litany of questions from commissioners, Napier said Red Dog wants to be a good neighbor. Todd Napier of Bitcoin mine owner Red Dog Technologies speaks at Monday night’s Washington County, Tenn. commission meeting. “I want to begin by assuring you that we have heard and that we are taking very seriously the concerns of those that live by the Red Dog facility regarding the level of sound that’s being produced,” Napier said. He added that the sound issue is “our number one priority.” Napier addressed the lack of communication to date. “We’re here this evening to enter into dialogue,” Napier told commissioners as residents sat in the gallery. “I know you said you hadn’t heard anything from us and certainly we’re here to do that.”  “Are you having this kind of issue at the other site?” asked Bryan Davenport, referring to a mine in Maynardville that uses power from Knox Utilities Board.  “What’s the difference?” Davenport asked. “This is a larger site than our other active existing site, so you know that may be part of it. It’s a little bit different design.”  During his exchange with Davenport, Napier acknowledged the facility has capacity for even more equipment.