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“We’re seeing a conversation around the role and the value of assurance provided by independent auditors,” Sullivan said. Typically, new rules and regulations impose an unwelcome burden on financial reporting professionals and their auditors. But the trend toward ESG reporting comes with a twist — the demands for the information have been coming from so many different corners of the market that the development of new standards and reporting regulations may simplify life for CFOs, corporate controllers, and audit committee members. “Companies are being inundated because there are no standards in terms of reporting and disclosure,” said Margaret Smyth, CPA, CGMA, the CFO for National Grid USA Services Co. Inc. “It would be really good to have some guidelines, standards. It would reduce the amount of information requests. It would also promote consistency among the disclosures people are making.” The groups pushing for more ESG information have responded to the market’s demands for a more standardized regime and begun to coordinate their efforts. For example, the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) is scheduled to complete its merger with the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC) at the end of May. Last December, the SASB and IIRC teamed up with CDP, the Climate Disclosure Standards Board (CDSB), and the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) to issue a prototype climate-related financial disclosure standard. The IFRS Foundation trustees, meanwhile, are considering creating a new international global sustainability reporting standards board that would operate under the trustees’ governance. A proposal is expected by the end of September. If the push that’s underway from the SEC and other bodies leads to a regulatory regime for ESG reporting and disclosure, it will also give companies a reason to establish governance processes and internal control environments that address the recording and reporting of the necessary information and documentation, Smyth said. Companies may also realize some benefits as external auditors and an independent attestation processes are brought into the reporting flow. “As a result of having an external lens on it, the company will get better at the process for pulling the information together, making sure that it’s in a good format,” Smyth said. “It protects the company.” Judging from data collected by the CAQ, approximately 80% of the large companies the group surveyed are obtaining some form of assurance on portions of their reported ESG information, but only approximately 11% are relying on public company auditors for this assurance, said Julie Bell Lindsay, the CAQ’s CEO. SASB CEO Janine Guillot expects the reliance upon external assurance to increase, particularly as regulators in the United States and overseas issue ESG requirements. “I think we’ll see increasing pull from audit committees as audit committees come to understand this information is being used by investors,” Guillot said. “The more you can position that information, that communication, in a manner that can be more easily consumed, accessed, and acted upon, the more valuable that will be,” Sullivan said, explaining why she expects the demand for external attestation to increase. The interest in ESG information among corporate boards and directors is already on the upswing, said Deborah DeHaas, the CEO for the Corporate Leadership Center.

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Belkiss Rodriguez of CSN explained how workforce training goes outside the bounds of traditional classroom learning. “This is what we call ‘stackable certifications.’ They are industry certifications, which makes our students much more marketable,” she said. “An example … we’ve got forklift training, and this is one of our stackable certificates. We attach forklift training to all of our manufacturing training.” Safety training is another element of the certification program. And all of this training can put you right into a job that pays $17 to $25 an hour for entry level workers. “Workforce development is not a traditional semester,” Rodriguez said. Heading Back to Work: Expert shares tips to break back into the job market “We run classes — they’re accelerated, full-time, day, evening, weekends. And so, we’re ready to meet our residents and our community where they are. Not everybody can come for a traditional semester,” she said. Rodriguez said there are also support services that help if there are barriers to getting to the training. Laptop computers, hotspots, child care and transportation are available. She helpful hints said CSN works closely with its employer partners to help people get the training done. Electrical training provides students the skills for other kinds of jobs, with basic electrical safety and national electrical code training, as well as training on common electrical materials and equipment. There’s also an HVAC program that allows students to earn certification in an 18-week accelerated program. Students learn how to do basic tasks of heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration CSN also provides training in health care fields. A program for community health workers prepares students to serve as frontline workers, providing health and social service support to individuals in the community.